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I am just trying to find out if the below is the same as what's in the Adobe CS 6 or I'd like to know what the differences are?

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 & Premiere Elements 10

Same with Microsoft Word - is this the same?:

I don't need to buy the CS6 Master Collection when these are all I really need so long as they're not missing many features and options?
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  1. You can take a look at the following product comparison to decide if Elements will do what you want or not.

    And then if you're asking if that is the same version of Word that comes in Office 2010, then yes, it is.
  2. Thanks Scott, I was unaware of that comparison page. It does look like there's quite a bit missing compared to the CS6 I just have to figure out if I can do without it all or not.

    I wonder if Microsoft has a Word comparison page - I'll search around.
  3. If you only need word and it's $119. Might as well get office home and student for the same price. Comes with excel, word, one note and power point.

    *for the same price*
  4. ^ Oh, I actually need 'power point' badly - I hope it comes with all the great features.
  5. Microsoft does not offer stripped down versions of the Office suite. If you buy Word separately or as part of the suite, it is the same product. The only real exception would be the obvious "collaborative" features with the other parts of the Office suite.

    You might also want to take a look at LibreOffice before spending money on MS Office. LibreOffice is maybe a little rough around the edges here and there, but it is more than capable enough for probably 95% of people, and it's free.
  6. Thanks Scott, I'll have to check into LibreOffice to see what's it's all about.

    We are a book publisher so we use MS Office (mostly Word) pretty much everyday so, we need the best we can get for our purposes.
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