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hey hey all ,
anyone have experienced norton cleansweep 2001 , with windows98se or windows millenium , in particularly , the regestry feature , kinda scares me , was wondering if it's screwed up any ones system , both 98se and win me
thks in advance
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  1. Jax
    I try to stay away from utilities, if there is another way and you dont need it, then dont get it, some of these things have a nasty habit of changing your os to thier way, as you say they can stuff up your sys, Read my post on Macafee Nuts and Bolts in other section

    So long and thanks for all the fish
  2. I like Norton Antivirus and Norton Utilities but I hate Cleansweep. It really messes things up. First it puts this program called csinject.exe in your startup files and this thing is running all the time in the background and I have yet to find out what it does. So I deleted it.
    Then, it always finds duplicate files and wants to delete them but they are necessary duplicate files so if you delete them, your programs will no longer work. Basically, the only good thing it does is clean out your temp folder, your Temp internet folder, and the recycle bin. But you can do all that stuff manually. Just about everything else that Cleansweep does is dangerous.
    I don't even have it installed anymore. When I redo a computer, I put on SystemWorks but leave off Cleansweep.

    Sorry for the rant.
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