computer has weard symbols when i bootup

My computer has weard symbols as soon as it starts booting the os (Win2000 pro) such as heates, stars, balloons, happy faces, bolcks and other stuff i've never see b4 lookis kinda like this (§ ╬ «m ∞ Σ ◘ Ü ↔) and it just puts out lins and lines of this junk and beeps on each line. I've tryed formating but it dosen't seen to help. Anyone know what the hell is going on?
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  1. try punching the computer or slaming it on the floor see what it does. but then your probably gonna need a new pc. but hey you get a new pc and you get your anger out.
  2. lol gee thx 4 the info
  3. thats cool dont mension it.
  4. Captain Obvious suggests that somthing is Obviously Wrong!

    Something major! Dead motherboard, corrupted ram, Dead bios chip etc.

    The Captain asks can you at any point get to a dos prompt or boot at all? If not its best taking it to a fixit store.

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  5. I've seen this caused by bad or dirty RAM. This used to be a big problem back when people mixed gold lead RAM with tin sockets and vice versa, but you don't see it that often now that materials have been standardized to reduce electrolitic corrosion.

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  6. Is it overclocked?
  7. if thats all you get, cant get into bios or dos prompt. you might have a corrupted bios. try clearing the cmos or flashing a newer bios to see if it helps.
  8. I'd go with Crash here. Probably RAM related. First thing I would do is take the covers off, remove the RAM, get a can of compressed air and blow all the crap out of the machine. You'll be amazed how much will come out. Just don't do it in the house! Then repeat the task with the RAM.

    A colleague at work had something similar, and the local PC repair shop wanted £150 to fix it without even looking at it. Took me 5 minutes of my time, and that person saved a lot of money.

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