cd-rom having trouble loading up

my cd-rom is having trouble loading up, the second you try to load up any cd it takes centuries, plus the cd-rom is jammed it stuck with only one cd in it I dont know what to do please give me your thoughts.
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  1. Is the CD still stuck in there? If it is, you should get a thin stick (an unbent paperclip will do), and poke it into the small hole on the front of your CDROM. Do this when your system is off.

    Anyways, it sounds like your drive is dying, you should probably get a new one.

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  2. Change your CDROM. The lifespan is up...
  3. Your CDROM drive probably needs cleaning.

    You could try using a CD cleaner disc but I prefer to clean the lense with compressed air. To do this you would have to open the CDROM case.

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