PC+Moto s305 mic appears default but not 'active'

Okay guys... so I'm wondering if any of you can be of some assistance as countless hours of researching and 'Marcos' from Motorola's troubleshooting chat wasn't any help - the latter as expected.

Motorola s305 headset. Windows Vista 64bit (Home Prem.) Azio dongle.

The microphone works great when I pair the headset to my phone; however, when I connect it to my computer it shows no sign of accepting input. The microphone shows up in the control panel sounds tray - I set it as default, crank up the receive/input volume - the test bar beside the device does not move as it does when i turn on my usb mic and as expected it doesn't work in other programs. I updated my Gigabyte motherboards Realtek audio drivers so far as the only real attempt to fix. Don't know what else I could possibly do. Could it even possibly be a malfunction even though the Mic works on the phone and shows up in the PC sound tray? Ideas?

(I've removed the device from the computer and reconnected many times also.)
(I've updated the Azio bluetooth drivers.)
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  1. Here's a response I got in another message board - let me know if it sounds like a plausible fix for this situation:

    "The problem will be your bluetooth stack.

    You need to get the right stack for you bluetooth adaptor. The best ones to go for is The Broadcomm stack but you can only use certain bluetooth adaptors with it.

    If you pick up a Belkin bluetooth adaptor with the Broadcomm stack then your headset will be picked up fine and work. Easys."
  2. First and foremost, sorry for the necropost.


    I own the motorokr S305 bluetooth headset. When I first paired it with my desktop, I could only receive stereo sound; the microphone would not work. I installed the drivers and programs that came with my "Inland bluetooth dongle" and still, only the sound would work. I had even tried using the MicroSoft generic drivers with no avail.


    I came across a program called "IVT BlueSoleil ver." It was only a trial version, but I just wanted to test whether or not the problem came from my hardware (the headset), or the software.

    This program succeeded where the original program failed. It (IVT BlueSoleil ver...) recognized my headset and provided me with two paths to choose from: 1, High-quality stereo sound, or ;2, microphone usage. The latter path indeed allowed the use of a microphone, but at the cost of sound quality.

    Moto S305 headset's mic not working.
    Download IVT BlueSoleil ver.
    Choose either:
    1. High-quality sound and no mic.
    2. Poor-quality sound WITH mic.

    The fully licensed program costs 20$ at bluesoleil.com
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