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toshiba laptop win home prem. 7 x64 :this was an operator young son came to vist/school break from univ. .He changed user account access to:NO ONE. Now he's safely back and,i have a partial running p.c..C an not access audio/video files;can't save programs from online to trouble shhot;cant access the standalone seagate backup usb drive;can;t start sys. restore pop up demands Admin. Permission-- as does efforts to copy to from cd/dvd drive all return :you do not have permission.have backup files on the standalone Seagate 1.5 t purchased just for backup purposes------ I know! when in doubt ---back it up twice.can i install a new purchase of win 7,and "install past this problem"?Data will be lost but "much will be learned".Any help greatly apreciated. thanks, john
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  1. i guess you could do that. running a clean install i mean. you'll lose all your files though. format the main drive and go forth with the installation.
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    You don't have to buy Windows again or lose any files.

    Get a Linux live boot CD, that will allow you to navigate and save all of your files off the laptop. The Windows permission issues will only apply under that Windows setup, once you boot of a CD, you can get to the files with no problems.

    Once you get all those, use the Toshiba restore partition or recovery disks to restore the system to factory defaults. You don't need to buy Windows 7 again.
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  4. Thank you,Hang the 9 ! I,will use a friend's pc,to make a Linux live boot cd,keeping your advice,in hand.It,is a true relief that,there are advanced,capable pc users ,such as yourself sharing with ,Us rookies.I,will post here,when problem is resolved. Thanks !!!! : john
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