When is the best time to upgrade to windows 7?

I am still running a Vista computer, and am thinking of moving on to windows 7. Would I be better to buy an OEM licence now, or wait until windows 8 comes out?

After using the preview for a couple of days, I am afraid 8 might be another flop. I found the whole metro thing fairly annoying, like a extra bloated start menu, but then I use launchy to launch programs, rarely using the start menu as it is.

I also don't want to be stuck with vista for much longer.

Do windows 7 OEM licences come with cheap option to upgrade to 8 if it doesn't turn out to be Vista reincarnated?

Now that 8 is close, will windows 8 release cause 7 prices to drop as it is an old version? or will prices go up, as there is less distribution?

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  1. Well, in my local area, WV OEM is $20 cheaper than W7. So in theory W7 would also drop by $20 when W8 come out. That is a big if. Since I think people are not buying into the W8's "bright ideas" just yet.
  2. The biggest drawback with Windows 8 is the "metro" interface which replaces the Start Menu. So far, anyone who has tried it dislikes it. I have a version of every Windows release from Windows 95 onwards, including Vista, but this is the one I will be skipping.

    As such, will we actually see a drop in price for 7? I'm not so sure. With such a backlash on 8, I can see 8 being introduced at a lower price than 7 to try and entice users to this abonimation of an operating system.
  3. Why do you want to move on from vista? Will the new OS be it win7 or 8 give YOU any benefit? Might it be better to spend that cash elsewhere?
  4. da22 said:
    Why do you want to move on from vista? Will the new OS be it win7 or 8 give YOU any benefit? Might it be better to spend that cash elsewhere?

    Getting rid of Vista for Win7 is one of the smartest things you could do with your money...

    When You get Win7 I hear you can upgrade to Win8 for $40...but you should just save your $40 because Win7 will be great for as long as Win XP was/is. Win8 is a beta for the next windows and will fail horribly like vista did.

    If you are contemplating vista vs 8...I would stick with vista.
  5. ignore the last post please.

    Vista sp2 works just fine, it got a bad rap due to the initial release and those pesky NVIDIA drivers that fooked it!

    If vista is currently running games fine, browsing the internet fine then why upgrade?

    I'm currently running vista, win 7, 8 and while win 7 feels a little snappier than vista i wouldn't pay retail for it.

    Windows 8 upgrade router can be done with Vista for $40 heck you can do it from XP or even the Win8 RP i have heard.

    Windows 8 is fine for home use, takes a little getting use to and a few swear words but hey what new system doesn't!

    If u want snappier performance buy a cheap SSD, does the world of good or invest your money in some RAM
  6. Good point da22, my money is much better spent elsewhere, an ssd, or maybe a silent hd7770 when they surface (to replace my silent 9600GT).

    I just installed the 7 theme on vista, and aquasnap too. There is not really any value in 'upgrading'.
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