PC2700 in a PC2100 MB?

Wouldn't it be fine to put a stick of corsair xms pc2700 ram in a mb that only supports pc2100 as long as the fsb is set to 133? Faster ram shouldn't have a problem running slow should it?

Is your system stable enough you'd run your own life support on it? ---mine is. Soyo KT333 + AXP 1900+
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  1. No problem whatsoever. I even put PC133 on old 66MHz bus Celeron systems. Memory rating is a maximum speed the company can garunty, there is no minimum speed (what's in memory will stay in memory until the power is disconnected).

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  2. I agree. As a matter of fact, I have begun the practice of putting PC3200 on boards that only require PC2100, as PC3200 has dropped in price, and some people purchase the ram in anticipation of their next mobo purchase...

    But to answer your question...there should be no problems whatsoever. The memory will just "underclock" and run just fine.

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