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Hey, I have a bit of a problem with my sound card(s). The Right channel audio doesn't work. I have tried installing new drivers, formatting, using the onboard A97 audio, different speakers, everything that i can think of. What else could be the problem? I have a gigabyte motherboard, athlon xp 2500+, ect ect. Could it be some kind of setting in my bios? (although i've tried setting the settings back to default and it didn't help)

Hard to believe a channel would go out on both my Audigy and the built in sound card at the same time. Could it be a problem with the motherboard?
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  1. It could be a problem with the audio connector on your speaker cable.

    Make sure the cable for the front channels is pushed in all the way. If it's pushed in half-way you only get sound on one channel, the left.

    You can also test the connector using a portable CD player or anything else that accepts a mini headphone connection.

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  2. Hi, I had the same problem about a 3 months ago. Although I use on board AC97 only and CL 5.1. After checking cables etc. and calling tech support to no avail, I switched the left/right output cables at back of computer.(Of course you have to switch speakers too.) For some reason it worked!
    BTW, I don't think anyway bios are involved

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  3. The may help you - as it did for me when I had a problem recently with
    audio output only in one channel.

    The fix was as easy as going into the Volume Control applet (accessible
    from various places including the Control Panel.... Sounds and Audio Devices
    Properties.... under Device Volume select Advanced .... which will bring up
    the Master Volume Applet .... aka Volume Control).

    Check the Volume Control applet Master Balance in the left most section area
    right underneath the Master Volume title. The Balance slider should be centered
    in the middle of the slider. You can also check that the Wave output Balance
    slider is also centered in the middle of the slider

    Windows Media Player does not always show the proper "Balance" in
    their visual equalizer as I painfully discovered. I was fooled into thinking
    that my balance was properly set by just looking at the Equalizer in my
    Windows Media Player. My issue was the WMP (Windows Media Player)
    was only showing the balance of the Wave control in their Equalizer.
    It didn't pick up that my Master Volume Balance control was moved
    to the right side by accident in my case.

    I wanted to pass this along to others in the hopes that it may help them.
    - John :wahoo:
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