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DVD drive causes major problems with windows XP

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May 29, 2002 10:14:57 PM

Hey first time poster, very long time reader :p 
Right, Iv been pretty unsure about windows xp for sometime and windows 98SE seemed to be doing its job fine, but i still thought what the heck better change sooner than later. First off my computer set up when first trying to install XP:
Athlon 1400mhz non xp
ABIT KG7 lite motherboard
256MB 2100 DDR ram
IBM 40GB 60gxp 7200 rpm hard disk
Geforce MX 400 64mb
zonet 100meg ethernet card
16X DVD drive (MODEL NO:D HI-G40) unbranded only mention of manufacturer says "ultima" or summit...doh
anything else?
At first i had the Drive set as secondary slave due to the fact that my samsung 52X CD-drive earlier that week had shattered a CD and died...I first tried the upgrade from win98 to xp pro, the install kept failing half way through the install (i lost a fair few things because of this :(  ), what appeared to be happening was the drive stopped being detected about half way through the installation, so it kept telling me it couldnt find such and such a file from drive D. I put the drive to secondary master and i managed to get windows to install...not the end of the problems though. On first boot of xp i noticed it taking a long time, i timed it at about 50seconds just to get off the boot xp screen. Once into xp it took about 20-30 seconds to finish what ever crap it had to do. I tried messing with the bios (defaults and other settings) but the boot time remained the same ( well actually every now and again i get a fairly quick boot, i dont know why), which i cant except for the "fastest booting operating system ever". Still not the end of it when shutting down the system a program which i do not know what it does crashed (DEVLDR or summit) this crashed on every shut down. I actually thought the problems were other parts of the computer such as the ethernet card, but when testing a failed hard drive i removed my DVD drive, to my suprise windows XP booted in SECONDS! with complete stability...i though perhaps if i move the drive to secondary slave some problems may be solved. Set as slave the boot time was quicked but not as quick as it should be, when the drive is in use it will stop being detected after a few minutes and force me to restart...oh also AUTORUN is something i have never come accross in windows xp. Does anyone have any ideas its really doing my head in. Luckily im on a network so i can install from other computers but this doesnt let me play games. Id be really greatful if someone new anything :) 
Another point is i was never reliant on my DVD drive in windows 98, i only used it for DVD playback oh and also audio CD ripping, but in xp its the only drive i have. Iv had the drive a fair few months...i think i can find the reciept if i look hard.
Just remembered one more problem...urgh...Usually on secondary master the drive will refuse to detect any CD when first put in, ill have to literally eject it then put it back in several times until the CD is detected. this is both the same for DVDs and CDs.

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May 30, 2002 3:33:24 AM

<A HREF="" target="_new"><b>Here</b></A> is a great site for your motherboard. A lot of problems are discussed there.

<font color=green><b>Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happened! :eek: 
May 30, 2002 8:04:43 AM

thanx, i just updated the bios again yesterday one of the fixes was supposed to be
"increased compatability with CD/DVD drives"
did i notice a difference after the
ill give this site a look,