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Pro Tools Hard Drive Problem

Last response: in Home Audio
September 12, 2005 8:17:14 PM

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I recently bought Pro Tools M-powered (Win XP), I installed it and
everything is working great except I have one problem. I have a second
internal hard drive that I want to use as my audio drive. It's
connected as a slave to the master hard drive I believe. When I run a
session in ProTools that is saved on the system drive, it runs fine,
but when I try to run a session saved on the second hard drive, it
tells me that my hard drive is too slow, or fragmented to play audio
from it. It couldn't be fragmented because it's a new drive and I only
copied a couple sessions onto it. I tried reformatting the drive and
that didn't work. I know the drive itself should work, because when I
bought it, I bought two. One for home and one to use at school, and I
never get that problem at school. At school we connect the drives with
firewire. Any ideas how I can fix this problem?
December 10, 2009 4:06:51 AM

Okay, first off - are you sure the second drive is "internal"? You say that you bring it to school and such, so it brings me to believe it's actually external. Pro Tools requires a drive to be Read/Write enabled and at a certain speed. If it's something like a flash drive you'll have the same issue. For the mean time, just copy your files to a proper drive - it's what the pro's have to do as well!

Try troubleshooting it by going to their site:

Make sure you take note of the correct file system format in that page.

Good Luck.