How to watch TV overseas (slingbox?)

Hey guys, I had a quick question. I will be vacationing in Italy in June, and I was curious if I'd be able to watch the NHL playoffs while I'm there. Since I know I'll be getting the games at home, I was thinking that getting a slingbox might be a good solution to my problem. My main question is what sort of device will I need to have in Europe to watch the slingbox content - can I just use my blackberry? I've never gone overseas before so I'm not sure whether Europe uses different voice frequencies or data networks... just looking for someone to maybe point me in the right direction. Thanks!
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    You fine as long as you have a sling player viewer (on mobile device or desktop) and then a good data connection with unlimited throughput (although watch out many companies regulate streaming on mobile devices). Main thing will be to find a provider that works with your device overseas.

    You could also just use a proxy server and watch CBC or TSN online, or enroll for the NHL online video service, likely for less than the data roaming of a N.American carrier overseas, and maybe even for less than using a mobile data package locally in Italy to watch that SLingbox.
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