id like help with speaker selection please

im considering these options...

:JBL Invader 4.1 speaker system

:Altec Lansing ACS 251

Altec Lansing ACS 5100 (though ill take my chances with the lower priced ones, this is just too expensive, plus i hear the subwoofer burns out easily)

:ALTEC LANSING XA3051 5.1 ULTIMATE (like this 5100, its a bit too expensive but i dunno, comments?)

:Altec Lansing ATP5 (seems like a good one, dunno)

:Logitech z640

so as you can see, my budget is around P5000 to P7000 (roughly $100 to $140)

im also considering (and actually leaning towards) a set of Creative Inspire 6600 6.1 speakers set. The main reasin is that a)theyre relatively cheap b) seems a to have a good price/quality/value ratio and c)a good 6.1 speaker investment (well its probably gonna be a standard soon, if not will its a 6/5.1 speaker then heh)

and no, plese dont tell me to get something like megaworks or someting. Im not an audiophile, heck no, i just want something to make my games sound great (im using a cheap arse 2 speaker set, i mean, cmon, anythings better than this!)

so id appreciate any comment, suggestions or whatnot. many thanks1
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  1. yikes, you read my mind. I too am in need of some decient speakers. the ALTEC LANSING for about 75 do seem nice, but its hard to tell. Not many posts for people wanting speakers...let me know if you find some you like. I was hoping to spend less than 50 bucks, but good sound is important.

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  2. Hello

    Do yourself a big favor and get some Klipsch speakers. I gaurantee, you won't regret it. I know there a little more money but it will be the last speakers you'll ever have to buy.
  3. If you are on a budget (you stated $100-$140) I would purchase:

    Logitech Z-560
    5.1 Surround Sound
    400 Watts

    These speakers now run for approximately $130-$150 online. Bear in mind the logitech published Wattage is the true-sustainable output as opposed to "burst" (the maximum wattage is only sustainable for a brief period) like many Klipsch speaker systems. I've also heard of many issues regarding dying subwoofers with Klipsch speakers.

    These speakers have great sound (and bass) for gaming and music. The prices are somewhat lower now because Logitech is releasing a new line of speakers (some of these new products appear to be nothing more than the same speaker circuitry in new plastic housings).

    The price/quality ratio for these speakers is unmatched to any other speakers I've encountered.
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