How to install belkin bluetooth on my Macbook Pro adapter Mac

I am trying to connect my Mac laptop to my HP Photo printer via a Belkin Bluetoot Adapter...however, I have no 'install' prompt that comes up on my screen?!? ...the QIG says to click install but that is for the Windows programs on a PC...I get is Mac compatible though...
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  1. I have the very same unit (love it because it supports everything from Win2K-Server-Win7 plus Mac and even Linux if you know how.

    Follow the instructions and it should work;

    I have a feeling you missed the MOST important part of this for both Windows and Mac installation, you MUST install the software FIRST before plugging in the nubbin adapter.
  2. I did try this but I think because I'm on Mac OX S 10.5.8 my prompts are different than yours when I get to a certain computer whiz son even came home for the weekend and is trying to get it and can't...ugh...maybe the photo printer isn't compatible with my Mac....I have bluetooth on my HP all-in-one and it works awesome! thanks anyways... :O)
  3. I deleted anything pertaining to my HP8200 printer from my laptop...then started from automatically picked up the blue tooth and I didn't have to do I just need to get it to pick the right paper tray when printing! *lol* thanks so much for your help...I truly appreciate it!
  4. Glad it worked out for you, enjoy the heavy weight linen bond paper! :sol:
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