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My motherboard (GA-8PE667 Ultra) comes with on board Promise Raid/ATA133. I am somewhat familar with RAID works(but never actually set one up though) but i don't want to use this controller for RAID, but for ATA. So i go into the BIOS, set it to function as ATA and then install the drivers. I boot down, and move my 120gb HDD (WD 7200rpm 2mb cache ata/100 if that helps) to IDE3 and change the jumpers to master. Then boot back up. Bootup is taking a long time and finally it gets the the MBUltra133 bios screen and says there is no drive, it moves on, slowly and eventually i get no boot disk blah blah, insert bootdisk and try again, or what ever it says. My system disk is on the same channel as it was before and is set to master (and the bios does see it BTW). I'm just wondering what's going on? and how to fix it. Not sure which chipset the cotroller is... the manual (only explains the RAID portion) says 20256/20276. hope that makes sense (also if there is another forum i should goto please tell me)

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  1. Is there a slave on the cable with the drive. If not, I believe the drive won't work by itself unless the jumper is removed.
  2. You know what, i forgot that could be an issue (i think it was when i got my first 120gb drive)... i'll give that a try and see what happens.
  3. Had it happen to me before. Took me awhile to figure it out.
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