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Well I've posted in several forums with no decent response so I'm starting to think I'm the only one having this problem. Ever since I've bought the Microphones I have, see Bio, I haven't been able to get either of them to work with any Steam Mod. One is a digital through the USB port and the other is Analog and I punch that one through my Audigy 2. Even after using the voice tweak option niether of them allow me to be understood. I've been told that it sounds like I'm under water; my voice comes through but is completely chopped up and incoheirent. Can someone, ANYONE, help me. Or am I destined to never have a working Mic for CounterStrike, Day of Defeat, etc while I still make use of this computer. BTW both Mics work great with MSN, AoL, Roger Wilco, Teamspeak ect. Just not in with Steam. And lemme tell ya, I've tried EVERYTHING within the software and windows settings that can be messed with and still nothing works. HELP!!!!
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  1. i recomend fire, and lots of it.

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  2. Fire's good ;) but I don't think It'll do much but ruin my future server box. Doesn't anyone round here play CounterStrike that's had mic problems before. Stupid Box!!
  3. I'd blame steam before blaming your mic or comp. It has always been picky with mics. I don't really see how changing an analog mic could have any effect in steam but it does. The best mic I have found is a little MLI mic I literally got for one cent retail a long time ago. Perhaps future patches will fix things but who knows. Until then just find a mic steam likes.

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  4. Ok. Guess that'll have to do. I'm gonna buy the Silver HL2 pack when it's available. Hopefully my set up will work then. Just sux playing for about 3 years now and not being able to do anything but type messages or use the voice commands, which are fun but don't always convey the right message like; QUIT CAMPING AND GET YOUR NOOB ASSES UP THE DAMN HILL =D
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