How Backup/Copy files if crashing before XP loads?

My comp store is telling me that I have to reformat and reload windows because I switched mobo chipsets from VIA to NForce 2 -- my system is crashing before I enter XP, so I don't know how to back up some of my files, and the comp store won't tell me unless I pay them to do it!

How do I copy files if my XP/NFTS system crashes!? I can't get to a DOS prompt and copy onto floppy, can I? I don't need to back up my whole disk, just a few megs worth of word documents.

Are there any boot utilities out there?

If theres a way for those asses at the store to do it, there must be a way for me to, as well!

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  1. I don't know about any boot programs to help you out, but whenever I have had to get files off a messed up drive, I slave it to another drive with an OS on it and copy them over. However, if you don't have access to another drive then this would not be an option and sorry for wasting your time.
  2. Boot to the administrative console from the WinXP disk and copy to floppy?

    Enter in safe mode?

    Reinstall windows over the old installation without formatting.

    Switch back to your old motherboard and retrieve the data.

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  3. Do what sjonnie said, but you may as well copy to a folder on the hard drive as well (c:\backupdocs, say). I wouldn't bother reformatting for now, a reinstall should fix your problems and won't affect non-system folders such as the one you just created. Hard drives are much quicker and more reliable than floppies, after all!
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