Drive Letters--assignable?

Well, I'm overjoyed to be moving from my old IDE 20G hard drive (partitioned equally between WinXP and Linux--getting tight on space!) and a new Maxtor 120G SATA drive.

So, I get everything hooked up, all hunky-dory, set the SATA drive to be the boot drive, install XP using a floppy and CD-rom, and when it comes up...


My old ATA133 drive is C: -- I don't WANT the old ATA133 drive to be C:, I want the new drive to be C: so I can copy all the old stuff from the other drive and get rid of it. So at some point I want both of them attached, but I can't figure out how to reorder the letters.

I'm politely ignoring for now the fact that installing XP **ON A DIFFERENT DRIVE** clobbered the LILO bootloader on my first drive. I'll get to that later. First, I just want the SATA drive to be booted as C: so I can get on with installing the universe onto it.

Any suggestions? I'm using an Asus A7N8X Deluxe MB, rev 2.0, latest BIOS, but I couldn't find any BIOS settings for adjusting that...

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  1. I would remove your old drive out and put only the new one in. Format and install and after you have done this and the OS is loaded up and working, put the second drive in and copy what you need. You may need to specify your boot order in the BIOS, if your old drive becomes the BOOT drive.

    hope this helps
  2. only way I know to do this with partitions is whe it doent involve the main drive, UR only option is the master & slave jumpers on the drives & poss reformatting...

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
  3. Drive letters can be assigned in the Logical Disk Manager console. You can get to that via system management/disk management. System management is available in the configuration screen and in the start menu if you have 'display system management' ticked on in the startup menu properties.
    Right click on the partition and choose Change Drive letter and path.
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