Problems with onboard Realtek Card

My onboard realtek soundcard starts to lag in win xp pro after i have used it for a while. I've downloaded the latest driver and directx but the problem is still there. >:( The lag is like a vibrating sound.
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  1. I had an onboard realtek soundcard as well. In Hitman 2 the sound is horrible... you can fire a (non-silenced) gun and no sound, cant hear any footsteps (which makes it kinda hard to sneak around when all the NPC's can hear you walking and you cant). In addition to that the computer would freeze completely when playing a sound file for around 30 minutes or so... then I bought a cheap 10 dollar soundcard and it solved the problem... no more lockups. Moral of the story: keep your onboard sound disabled! dont know wheather or not its because someone on the computer doesnt like the realtek card or realtek makes good network cards, but crappy sound cards... and its usually soundcards that cause the most headache.

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