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January 16, 2001 4:32:58 PM

So how do people get results down to 6-7 hrs???

Damn, I'm running Athlon classic 750 (256 MB ram), I have it run constantly, turn off screen saver all together so now graphics slow down, using 98se :( 

well is the text only faster than the above mentioned senario?

I want speed!!!

<b> Fragg at will!!! </b>

More about : seti

January 16, 2001 5:01:49 PM

I also have a Athlon system running Seti@home. It's an 800 with 256mb ram. It does take a couple of hours longer to complete a workunit than a pIII 800 I have. Both are running the graphical version with the screen saver disabled. I havn't tried the commandline version yet, but why don't you try going to the distributed computing forum and I'm shure someone could answer your question.
Are you a member of the Toms Hardware Forum Seti@home team?
If not join up:
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January 16, 2001 5:03:32 PM

text version is a LOT faster... give it a shot:) 
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January 16, 2001 5:15:41 PM

Are you a member of the team Kodiak?
January 16, 2001 5:29:06 PM

nope, no team -- I am torn between at least twenty different teams (Planetary society, THG, my university, IBM, etc etc)...
Besides, since I got my Dlink gateway, I can't get the workunits anymore, I gotta spend some time to figure it out... so I'm not running SETI at the moment:( 
January 16, 2001 11:17:21 PM

Wasn't this in the other forum earlier?

January 17, 2001 12:57:21 AM

Yep!!! They straightened me out.

Now to deside if I join ya all or not.

just started this SETI deal. Have 3 PC's

Athlon 750 home
PII 333 home
PIII 733 work

just found out how to get around them shutting the network down at work and still run. Now I should get a bunch extra units a week.

<b> Fragg at will!!! </b>
January 17, 2001 1:23:18 AM

OHH by teh way the app I was referring to is SETIDriver

<b> Fragg at will!!! </b>
January 19, 2001 12:31:17 PM

Turn screensaver off! This is the biggest reason why SETI times are slow. I had a AMD T-bird 700@850 running with the screen save on and my WU's were 17 hours long. I turned screensaver off and now get 5 - 6 hours! Every time you go to install SETI@home it will setup the screensaver. It is very easy to forget this.

Get the i386-winnt-cmdline.exe! It has been proven that it will run 5-10% faster.

The best OS is Windows 9x! Try and run it on that operating system if you can.

Best processor is the Xeon with 1M or more of L2 cache. The second best is the Intel PIII. The third best processor is the Athlon. The reason Intel PIII is better comes down to FSB (front side bus). When you overclock the PIII you up the FSB. The WU is too large to fit in L2 cache sizes smaller than 1M. Therefore, higher FSB speeds help compensate for this by allowing the system to access the main memory much faster.

Overclock your PC to the max! A faster processor will complete a WU faster.

Good, quality RAM is essential! An example of good, quality RAM is Micron CAS2. CAS is a latency measurement and CAS3 would be slower.

Disabled Shadow system Bios, Shadow video Bios, and Cache video RAM. Those setting will help speed up your SETI times.

Run SETI on more than one Computer. With SETI, you can install it on as many computers as you want. Use the same E-mail to set up each account and all WU's will be added to your statistics.

Turn off all programs that are running in the back ground when not using your computer. Click Control-Alt-Delete to see what is running and turn off the programs that are not needed to run.

Turn off power management. You can do this in the control panel by clicking on power management and setting everything to none
January 19, 2001 12:34:52 PM

Hope you join the team and kick some baitshop butt! I know we are loseing bad but the more people that join the closer we get to them!

January 19, 2001 4:11:40 PM

Don't forget about the P4. I have one running the command line now and its getting units out about every 5 hrs. The past couple of days since I went to command line my average has been dropping, making up for all the slow machines I used to have running.

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