What degree for computer repairer/technician?

I'm interested in getting into the IT field, specifically computer hardware. I would ultimately like to be a computer repair technician, which requires me to get a degree/certification specifically related to fixing computers (like guys at geek squad). My question is, what degree should I get for wanting to fix computers? If I don't need a degree to do that, what certification should I get in order to gain a job (whether it be a corporate business like best buy, or a small PC repair shop) as a computer repairer?

I've always loved computers, but I'm not into the engineering aspect of it, nor am I into the networking aspect of it. I simply enjoy working directly with computer hardware and software in order to fix/upgrade computers. So what degree, or certification, should I get in order to get a job as a PC technician? The local schools only have degrees in networking, engineering, or server security, so what is the degree/certification called that will give me the skills to be a computer technician? Thanks.
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  1. I would not aspire to be like the guys at Geek Squad, most of the time with them you can get by with knowing where the power button is and which part is the CD drive. I'd pick a different standard to work towards.

    There is no one thing, but an A+ cert is pretty much a standard for any computer tech. But you'll need some operating system and application knowledge also, so will need to look into MCP from Microsoft.

    Get this book: http://www.amazon.com/CompTIA-Certification-Seventh-220-701-220-702/dp/0071701338/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1327434964&sr=1-1

    Aside from being the benchmark for A+ study books, it's good to read to find out all the little-known facts about how PC hardware works.

    I have hired people from ITT Tech and have heard of lots of people from that school getting jobs, check them out.
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  3. I don’t think you really need a college degree to be computer tech. A vocational training course in computer repair tech should set you up nicely for this career. As for certification, the most commonly sought credential by computer techs is the CompTIA A+ certification. I believe the computer tech training program at Career Step also prepares graduates for this certification. Find out more details here: http://www.careerstep.com/computer-technician-program-online
  4. You can enroll at universities wherein offer a computer technician course and computer science aside from IT.

    Or you can have this tips to Become a Computer Technician:

    - Learn Where to Find the Answers
    - Build a Computer
    - Break Your Computer
    - Get Your A+ Certification
    - Go to School
    - Work for Free
    - Create an “ATS Friendly” Resume
    - Study
    - Accept Any Offer

    I'm sure this tips will improved your skills and any IT services.
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