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Is Raid 1 for me?

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October 12, 2003 11:35:40 AM

I recently started working with my father in his small firm and i want to informatize the business. The computer, which will be placed in the company itself will have a database to manage costumers, supliers, products, employees... the necessary stuff to help running a company the right way i think. That computer will also support the firm´s e-mail and fax.
Ours is a small family company and because of that, work must be done at home.
I want to find the best way to having the data stored in that computer available at our home pc so that we can work on it at nigh.
For security purposes i am thinking of setting the operating sistem and software in a disk and the data in a raid 1 array which would take care of the annoyance of making backups at the end of every day. As the R1 produces 2 identical disks i was thinking if it wouldn´t be possible to put one of those disks (d2)in a removable hot swappable drawer and use that disk at home as a standard disk. In order for that to work the data in the first (D1)disk would have to be synchronized every time we had made any changes to it at home. This process would have to be automatic as my father doesn´t have much computer experience (yet) and for practical reasons.
Is this practicaly possible? Easy to do? How can i do this? is it easyer to use software like Symantec´s PCanywere without messing with disks?
Sorry for my bad english.
I hope u can help me

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October 12, 2003 4:43:57 PM

RAID1 would be a good start, but u need more for a business. I still highly reccomend some sort of tape backup and by all means have a psu for that comp or a small generator in case power goes out. Not terribly sure about the hotswap idea, tho carrying disks around ain't the best idea. Unless there is a hardware method already made for the raid to work with that, it will be a big pain in the ass.

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October 13, 2003 3:24:04 PM

The hotswap method will work, but as you say, if you modify any data on the drive at home, you'll have to rebuild the array every morning at work, which will be a fag, not necessarily automatic, take a long time and be extremely inconvenient.

The best way will be to have a remote access to your machine at work from home, I use WinXPs remote desktop for just that. If you need access to files from work and at home at the same time then you need to set up a file server with Win2K server or Win 2003 server.

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