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i have two identical h.d.'s. one is my o.s. the other is empty. can i create a raid 0 without losing my o.s.? if not can i use norton ghost and ghost an image onto a new array? if so, will the image only be an 80gig partition and can i expand the partition to cover the entire 160gigs. my o.s. is xp pro. my h.d.'s are seagate 80gig w/8mb cache
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  1. No. Defining a RAID 0 array deletes all data on the drive (actually, it mixes all data on both drives. The OS will not be able to make much of it).
    Yes, you should be able to make a backup and restore the data, provided you have another medium to store it on. If you're using partitionmagic or another partition management utility you should be able to expand/compress the partition (that's what these utils are supposed to do). However, make sure that the array controller drivers are installed before defining the array.
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