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Sorry - yet another newbie question. I have a dual athlon (asus) w/ raid array (promis-raid 5) of 4 WD100JB. That's 300+ Gb of viable partition space. I'm not bragging, I just want you to know I have raid + lots of space. I'm running Windows XP (C:\) and want to dual boot w/ SuSe. (using lilo as boot manager) Should I make a partition for linux from windows (or dos) and then install? If so, do I need to make it FAT32?? Do I need to also make a "swap" partition?!? If so, which first - "swap" partition, then linux partition???? I've heard it's better for linux to set up your partitions in a particular order. Sorry for all the questions. I just want to make sure I do this right!
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  1. SuSe has a very nice installation program, that handles all this sort of things. It will detect existing operating systems and suggest a solution, i.e. putting linux on the empty space or resizing current partitions to make space for linux.

    For Partition types, it lets you choose between ext2, ext3 and reiser fs as well as the other types. and linux swap for the swap partition.

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