Which speaker to choose 2.1 only.

I need some advice on the best, cost does not matter 2.1 speakers. I' ve narrowed it down to these choices Klipsch Promedia THX, Altec Lansing VS-4121, Logitech Z3, or Creative I-Trigue 3500. Would like some opinions but definitely don't make any suggestions based on cost.
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  1. Tom's has just done a 2.1 speaker review. Might help with your decision.

    <A HREF="http://www.tomshardware.com/video/20031013/index.html" target="_new">Here's the link</A>

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  2. I read the review, it was helpful, (thanks RobD) would still like some opinions. I'm thinking about going with the klipsch promedia thx. If anyone out there was to pick any 2.1 speakers what would it be.

  3. I have had the Klipsch Promedia THX 2.1 for over a year and recommend them.
    There are better and more expensive speakers but I have had no problems at all with them.

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  4. I also have good experience with Klipsch Promedia.
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