Need advice on Pocket Drive

I'm looking for a drive thats thin, powered through the USB 2 port, and also has Firewire. I also want it to have 40 gig or MORE space. I looked at what Tom's recently reviewed but I didn't see anything that matched that.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Ok I'm looking at getting one of these 2 drives.

    Travelstar 7K60 (7200rpm, 60gb)

    Travelstar 5K80 (5400rpm, 80gb)

    with this case

    Anyone have any thoughts?

    The one question I do have is should I sacrifice the extra rpms for the 20 more gb, or should I get the 7200rpm model? Whats the real world difference? Keep in mind, this is for backups and transfering work between home and school/work. I'm thinking the lower rpm won't be a big deal since its mainly for transport and backup purposes, but I don't know for sure. Maybe the lower rpms is a big deal?
  2. i bought a simple tech drive a long time ago, usb 1.1 im not impressed with it at all. i dont know how much more power usb 2 offeres but you would be better off with a drive that has an external power source. cs game server -
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