Which replacement hard drive?! :)

Hey there,

I recently purchased a Maxtor Diamond Max 9 Plus hard drive, with 120 GB capacity, 7,200 RPM, 8 MB cache, ATA 133, and 9.3 seek time.

Unfortuntely it arrived dead/faulty, and I have since contacted the place I bought it from. It has a 1 year warranty.

They can either replace it with the same Maxtor as above, or replace it with a Seagate 7200.7 with the same specs as the Maxtor, except an 8.5 seek time, and only ATA 100. It has a 3 year warranty.

What would you guys advise? Is ATA 133 much better than ATA 100? Or would I be better off going with the Seagate 7200.7, with a faster seek time, and longer warranty?

I've read reviews of both drives, and it appears both have their advantages and disadvantages to each other. The only reason I originally wanted the Maxtor was due to the ATA 133, although I have heard it is not any better than ATA 100.

Thanks for your help, as always, you guys are a great bunch of knowledge!


Matthew Sheehan.

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  1. ATA133 isn't much better than ATA100. The better seek time and longer warranty seems to me the better deal.
  2. I would go with the ATA 100 drive.. I don't think that any IDE hard drive can burst more then 100mbs anyway, so you'll be covered. The quicker seek time and warranty are much better.
  3. Go with the Seagate. I've had a lot less trouble with them than Maxtor. Had about a 1 in 10 failure rate with Maxtor. Seagate have been far more reliable.

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  4. IDE133 won't give you anything more.... and the fact that the store is offering you a different model suggests that they've had a lot of returns on the Maxtors..... I'd go with the Seagate.

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