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I'm about to purchase a new laptop and I asked the vendor what manufacturer made the hard disk. I was told that all their hard disks are made by Hitachi.

I only really have one question. Is Hitachi a reliable make?
(I don't know the exact disk model I will be getting, so if there are any dodgy Hitachi models please let me know.)

Thanks very much

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  1. Somebody out there must have a hitachi hard disk.

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  2. i have been using a Hitachi 80GB HDD for the past few months in my DESKTOP. i have no idea about laptop HDDs. Hitachi has taken over the HDD division from IBM. so essentially Hitachi drives are what you could probably call IBM drives. IBM has had mixed reaction in the consumer community as a good HDD maker for sometime, though it has improved now.

    i am afraid that is all i cud say.

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  3. Hitachi aquired or bought out IBM's hard drive division.

    IBM's hard drives were by far the worst drives on the market. Their failure rate was unbelievable. Pretty much everyone lost an IBM Deskstar drive a few years ago.

    I personally haven't heard anything good or bad about Hitachi though. I have no interest in their drives though because of my experience with IBM though so I wouldn't even bother reading a review on their drives.

    Check out storagereview.com for detailed information and reviews. I'm sure you'll find something there. They have a database on consumer experiences with different vendors and drives. That's the first place I would look. It's worth registering to the site just for that.

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  4. Hi

    I have an IBM Deskstar 60GXP 40GB hard drive that is now over two years old (I bought it from new) and it has not given me the slightest of problems.

    Actually for the 10 years before the problems of a couple of years ago, IBM hard drives had one of the best reputations of any hard drive maker ever. I was a great surprise to me that they seemed to have a huge problem two years ago. Though I have never had a problem, I personally will be getting Maxtor drives next.

    BUT BUT BUT!!!!!!

    In arround 1994-6 Maxtor had a terrible reputation for poor quality drives after having financial troubles and in the late '90s WD drives were not much cop. Both Maxtor, WD and IBM were excelent in the very early '90s.


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  5. <<IBM's hard drives <font color=red>were</font color=red>>>

    read yer own wordz, they were, the carln is asking if it <font color=red>is</font color=red> reliable. If you can't help, don't come out and bash the company thanks to which we have PCs.

    And if you <<haven't heard anything good or bad about Hitachi>> why are you talking?

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  6. Interesting stuff on the Hitachi's.

    Just today I contacted another company who make a very similar laptop, they said that they use fujitsu drives, hows the quality on them?

    Thanks for the help so far.
  7. Hitachi drives are just fine. They have been around for a long time, just not very popular in the home market. They have for quite sometime made SCSI, Fibre Channel and laptop drives. There recent purchase of the IBM drive business only merely increases there presence in the home sector.

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