My PC will not accept any other OS

I have a Dell 570 AMD dual core 3.0Ghz with a hard drive with windows 7 64bit. I want another hard drive with another OS on it to dual boot from. I got a blank formatted NFTS drive and plugged it in along side the win7 one. I popped in the win XP disc and turned on the PC. It tried to run from the disc, started the winXP utility and then got an error saying to unplug my hard drive I just put in. Then it started the win7. I tried this with another blank formatted drive and got the same thing. I then opened the case and unplugged the win7 drive and just had the blank one in and same thing happened. I then took a different drive with winXP on it already and plugged that in with the win7. No dual boot option came up and when i forced it to boot from the winXP drive it started to and then got an error. Its like the PC wont accept anything but the win7 drive. I know all these drives work well. They do fine on my older pentium 4 PC. the drives I tried are 2x 80GB and 1x 120GB, all SATA. the one with win7 on it is 500GB SATA.
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  1. Check your BIOS to see if the drives are recognised, and if there is an option to favour one or other of the drives
  2. When XP loaded and showed an error means the hardware changed and hence not booting.

    What is the error message you gen when trying to install XP on the clean drives?

    Also, remember that XP doesn't have all the SATA drivers Win7 does, so you might have to download the latest SATA controller drivers for your motherboard, put it on a 1.44MB floppy, press F6 when XP installation start to load drivers on the floppy drive, then proceed with installing XP.

    I personally would look at virtual machines. Install MS Virtual PC, and install XP in the virtual pc. This will allow you to run Win7 and XP at the same time without restarting etc.

    MS Virtual PC -
  3. So i tried to boot up the computer with just the hard drive with winXP on it. This is a fresh install of winXP on one drive, no CDs in the drive and no other drives. The Windows XP logo popped up for a second and then the bios gives me that black screen saying windows didnt start successfully and has the options for safe mode, last known config etc. So I guess the bios wont get winXP kicked off? Shouldn't the bios support previous windows versions? My bios are v02.63 American Megatrends Inc. version A05 12/20/10. all i have for a floppy drive is a mid 90's one i pulled that id have to get an adapter for. Any way I can load a driver from thumb drive or use from CD?
  4. you need to remove the partitions on the formatted disk. you boot off the xp disk and when it gives the option to remove the partitions do so and make new 1s. xp will then allow you to install on it.
    there is an issue with xp in that it doesnt need or like high precision event timer.
    this option must be enabled to run vista or win 7. if xp finds its enabled it may not start or if it does it may be unstable...
  5. @midas Please do not confuse a bootloader with bios.

    The only way, I can think of, to install additional drivers without floppy is to create bootable USB drive with windows installer from original winXP CD with this tool:

    In advanced options it allows you to add addtional drivers for the installer.
  6. "you boot off the xp disk and when it gives the option to remove the partitions"
    The xp CD wont give me the option because it fails before anything comes up. i get the windows setup then it starts to load files and goes to start windows... and then i get it saying that a problem has been detected STOP: 0X0000007B (0F78D2524, 0XC0000034). When I press F6 during the process it says that setup was unable to load support for the following devices: none. Then it asks if i want to specify device support, I go to that option and it says i have no floppy drive. well no duh computer. these things dont come with floppys anymore.

    So I downloaded a driver from pitstop for the HPET for windows XP.

    What I found on WIKIPEDIA for HPET:


    "Operating systems designed before HPET existed cannot use HPET, so work only on hardware that has other timer facilities. Newer operating systems tend to be able to use either. Some hardware has both. Indeed most current southbridge chips have legacy-supporting instances of PIT, PIC, APIC and RTC devices incorporated into their silicon whether or not they are used by the motherboard or the operating system, which is why even a very modern PC can still run older operating systems.
    The following operating systems are known not to be able to use HPET: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and earlier Windows versions, Linux kernels prior to 2.6.
    The following operating systems are known to be able to use HPET: Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, x86 based versions of Mac OS X, Linux operating systems using the 2.6 kernel, FreeBSD and OpenSolaris."
  7. a floppy via usb wont work will it? I have an old floppy but i dont know how to connect it to my PC. the power supply has the right connector but what about the data cable? My new PC doesn't have any connectors for it. All I see are SATA ports and the floppy definately doesnt have a connection for that.
  8. do a ram check just incase.
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