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Hello, my question is. Does it make sense to buy dual chan memory if your motherboard is single memory channel? The motherboard I was going to get is an ASUS A7N8X-X. I have a choice between both memory types DDR 400 dual channel(PC3200), or DDR 333(PC2700). Just wanted to know if there is any diffrence between the two. This is a PC builder deal on iBuypower.com. I was also wondering if there are any other sites out there like iBuypower that let you build your own PC, besides ABS.
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  1. I forgot to add that this will have a AMD XP 2800, and it will have 2 sticks of 512 memory. I'm also curious if It's worth it to jump up a lvl to the XP 3000 for the extra 55 bucks I think it is. I just want the best possible performance I can get, at a reasonable price. I do alot of graphics work, 3D modeling and gaming.

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  2. For the Asus A7N8X-X go - DDR400 PC3200(non matched pairs)
    Example: 512mb Corsair XMS PC3200 DDR 400MHz $122 each
    Product# CMX512-3200C2PT

    The board your talking about uses DDR400 Single Channel, not DDR333 or Dual channel memory. Yes their is a difference. Dual channel DDR400 is faster than single channel DDR400 and DDR333 is slower than both DDR400 types.
    I would build it yourself, you dont get the warranty with it but it runs you less and you can choose exactly what you want in your system. Visit www.essencompu.com good prices and good information.
  3. Thankyou for your help with that. I'll check that site out. I always worry about building it myself. Hardware wise I'm fine with installing all that. I just don't know much about software and installing the OS etc. Hey, if you read this again what would you reccomend processor wise. The P4 2.8 or the athlon xp 2800?

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  4. About the warranty. As long as you buy quality components, you get the warranty they come with. I've been building my own systems for years. When my WD hard drive died, I sent it back to them and received a replacement. No problems since (that was a year and a half ago). -njrich2
  5. First off I'm open to both types of processors, each has its perks. Based on Cost to Performance ratio I would go AMD 2800+, it saves you around $100.
  6. Hmm, so you dont get that much more performance outta the 2.8 P4 for the money vs the 2800 amd? I was also wondering if I should go with the 2800 amd instead of the amd 3000, and get an extra 512 memory. I'd have 3x 512 mem then. I was thinking that memory would be better then the small increase in processor speed. Wouldn't that be a better thing to do?
  7. You would have 3 512mb pieces but I dont think it would run in dual channel mode anyl onger. Dual channel to my knowlege only works in pairs. Certain boards allow 2 pieces in dual channel or 3 in single channel, unless the board has 4Dimm's and allows 2 dual channel sets or 2gb of ram. More than 1gb of ram isnt really necessary in my book, unless your running your pc as a server or workstation. Or your running a Ram drive, lol.
  8. If your looking to go for a 3000+ I would certainly recommand going with a P4 2.8c. The benefit you will get from running your DDR400 in dual channel will probably do more than a few extra MHZ and since your planning on buying 2 sticks anyway...
    I feel that in that area, the P4 is a better all around performer.And also I think the 2800+ is a bit over rated as it doesnt quite perform as fast as a P4 2.8.
    More than 1gig of ram wont do much performance wise...
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