Noises from IBM / Hitachi DeskStar 120

I have a new 120 gig IBM Deskstar that makes a noise every 5~15 minutes. The noise last for 2~3 seconds, and sound like a soft buzz. Kind of like a low pitched sound of a 3.5 floppy drive trying to access a disk when there is not one in the drive.

Any ideas? I was told by the store that this is common and not to worry. "Larger drives do this / It is probally adjusting for temperature" A friend said that it is probally parking the heads.

Otherwise the drive works fine.

I am using the drive as a slave for file storage, so it is not being continually accessed.

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  1. Does IBM still use thermal recalibration???

    I agree it may be thermal recalibration, which is by itself nothing to worry about.
    But as far as I know hd manufacturers don't use thermal recalibration any more since approximately 1996.

    Still, the description sounds like it...
  2. I have 3 IBM 80 GB DeskStars. I have seen references to them as "DeathStars." They are a year old, and two of them make noises like a creaking sound every so often. One of them started making a loud, high-pitched whine all the time. I just replaced that one. I heard that the DeskStars are pretty sensitive to heat, although mine had a fan parked right next to them, in a CoolerMaster case. My advice is to hold tight to your store receipt and date of purchase and keep an eye on your warrenty period.
  3. Well, you may want to check out <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> site.

    It has a bunch of links regarding the past problems of the "deathstar" drives and what you can do to diagnose/repair any problems.

    I am a not-so-proud owner of one of these drives. It began to make a sound similar to the one you mentioned. At first, everything seemed fine, but that sound just clued me in to the fact that something just wasn't right. Turned out to be a bad sector. Luckily I found and repaired it before I had written any critical data to it.

    Anyways, the moral of the story is that if it's a "deathstar" making any sound that you don't think is "normal" CHECK IT OUT. Good Luck.

  4. It could be a problem developing.

    A wise thing to do would be to backup all your important data and run the DFT dive diagnostic tools. Make sure the drive is running ok.

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  5. The Deathstar IBMs were GXP60 & 75 series... there are no Deathstar GXP120 & and newer... dunno about the sound but it doesnt sound like a dying drive... try a decent defragger & then run a surface scan of the HDD (get a few hours sleep whilst U wait for that)

    Trust me I know what I'm doing... ooops, grab the cat...
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