CRT monitor w/ DB9

I just upgraded my computer with Asus K8N-E mobo and Geforce6600gt agp.

The problem is.... my old CRT monitor only has DB15 pin (male)connector when Asus board has DB9 pins (female).

I couldn't find any CRT monitors with Db9 on
Are there even any with 9 pins?? Do I need some kind of converter? or should I just get TFT monitor using DVI-I from my new graphic card???
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  1. Uh, d00d, the board doesn't have any video. If your old board had onboard video, you're probably confusing a video port with a serial port. No, you don't connect the monitor to this motherboard, you connect it to the video card.

    The video card SHOULD have a DB15 connector on it, but some have 2 DVI connectors. And those that have two DVI connectors come with a DVI-I to VGA adapter block.

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  2. ahh, and that neat integrated cup holder is actually your cd-rom.

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