LG has a GPS touchscreen & blutooth iphone type watch...

Ive seen it as my aunt had this watch and she showed it to me where the interphase is like an iphone and you can put a sim card inside it to make calls... have you seen this?
This is only out in Asia and in the middle east...
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    Yeah I saw it with the LG rep, it's available for the older model here in N.Am. too;

    Got to play with it early last year before launch.

    I think the new one is the 930, but as then it's a little gimmicky more than practical. Be ok as a second emergency phone if you were skiing or something and were worried about a fall separating you from your phone.
  2. I think if I was wearing the LG watchphone and skiing I'd be worried about a fall separating my wrist from my body !
  3. Yeah, but it would likely stay on better under my gloves than the one in my backpack or in my jacket that would more easily slid off. I wear either one piece or tethered 2 pieces, but in an avalanche it is common to even lose your jacket. Just thinking every little bit helps, especially if you would put it on an emergency plan (low cost low minutes no access or 911 etc fees).
  4. I don't believe that the time is right for phone watches. However, I am digging the ones that connect to your phone via bluetooth and show you time, who is calling, etc... For example, Allerta has come up with one for the Blackberry:
  5. Still this is an intriguing concept, like driving your car knowing that your phone is on your watch and using blutooth is alot easier than having to find your phone in your pocket/bag/coat, and setting it on blu tooth.... a really unique device overall
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