Sudden Onset of PC Problems

Hey Guys,

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Was on my homebuilt PC last night thats been fantastic since I built it 1 month ago until I switched it on this morning. I noticed the icons on the desktop took an unusually long time to load and Google Chrome took about 5 seconds to start when its usually under 1 second!

General PC performance has been slow only from this morning so I decided to check CPU temps and its seems 1 or 2 cores, sometimes all 4 are at around 75% Usage when Idle! And my CPU temps have increased from around 26C when Idle, to around 40-60C degrees. My RAM is also at 2GB when Idle (not sure whether this is normal?)

Then I checked my SSD. 6GB of space was lost overnight after no change or installs from that night. I refreshed to see the free space every few seconds and the free space has been fluctuating up and down by a range of 200mb-1gb at a time, every couple of seconds.

I tried restoring to yesterday using System Restore but this did not solve the problem and I don't have any other restore dates. The PC was even slow in Safe Mode where I scanned with MalwareBytes which produced no problems. There are no startup programs running unnecessarily and I have defragged.

I honestly cannot tell what the problem is after doing everything I could. Please help me guys! :)

Thanks for your help,
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  1. few things...try an anti virus sweep..make sure your system is clean. check your system to make sure no one installed another anti virus on your rig. two of them will fight each other. as you say your cpu temps and usage went up but the system slowed down. check that the cpu heat sink and gpu fan are working (and there seated) also check that your ram is seated. use msconfig and turn off all your program but anti virus and video card. see if the system speeds up (damaged program). also download the newest mb and sata drivers from intel. check also that your bios has the ssd/hd set to achi mode not ide.
    with cpu-z check that your ram at the right speed. (intel mb turn on xmp profile in dram speed. run memtest and smart on your hard drives.
  2. Check that TRIM is working and that you are using AHCI driver.

    Run (as admin)

    fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

    If the result is '0' TRIM is enabled.
  3. Also check to make sure that there is not some sort of background backup being run --- Could be that windows decided it was time to run a backup of the drive - which would account for the usage of the CPU processes and RAM and the changing free\used space on the drive as it backs up the files.
  4. Fixed the problem guys. Really appreciate your help!

    It was MSE checking the same 5 files over and over again causing a deathly amount of constant CPU usage! Even though they were confirmed safe! Deleted and put the files back on and now all is fine!

    Thanks everyone!
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