Can't recognize my microphone

My problem is that my microphone won't work.
It's a headset,when i plug everything in where it belongs,i can hear sounds but i can't talk.
Skype shows me this.

If anyone can please link me the correct audio driver i need,that would be awesome.

PC Headset 860

ATI HDMI Audio <---DeviceManager
High Definition Audio device<---DeviceManager

i think the problem is with the driver
but i can't freaking find the right one.
i tried the microphone on another computer and it worked perfectly.

Please Help me

This happened after i installed windows 7.
I had xp before that and then the microphone worked.but the internet didn't so we had to upgrade to windows 7.

Please help me!
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  1. i am 32 bit btw
    ultimate windows 7
    we upgraded the hard disk also
    formatted the whole disk.

    Realtek audio something something....
    that's what I NEED!!!
    /CRY x(
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