Platinums - Audigy or Audigy 2

I know I want to get the platinum version of whatever sound card I get, be it the Audigy or Audigy 2. My comp will be mainly for gaming, but I do plan on hooking up my keyboard to do some music stuff. I'm not going to be doing any hardcore editing, just recording and playing back stuff from my keyboard. Does the Audigy have midi ports on the front panel, or is that only Audigy 2? And even if it does have midi ports, will it be sufficient? Thanks much.

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  1. I was at a Best Buy here in TX today and they were clearanceing the Audigy Platinums for $99. Cant give you any advice as per which to get as I dont buy creative products but looked like a good deal.

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  2. Ok, couldn't wait much anyway. Bought the Audigy zs internal, runs great, only one problem which I will ask about in another thread.
  3. the audigy 2 card is better, but it comes at a price. they both have midi ports on the front but they are din ports, but the card should come with converters any way
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