Forgotten router password netgear

i changed my password on router and can not open netgear
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  1. Check to see how to reset the router - this may also reset the password back to the manufacturer's default.

  3. Find or Change Your Internet Security Passphrase

    1)Open the web browser that you use: Firefox,Google Chrome,IE,or Opera and type in the IP address for your router,and press the Enter key. < Router ip addresses can be found here

    2)A window will open and then type in your routers default username and password,and press the Enter key again < Router usernames and passwords found here

    3)Navigate to the Wireless Security\Network Security Settings Tab and open it to locate or change your WEP or WPA Security Passphrase.
    Use WPA because it provides better security.

    4)Write this Security Passphrase down and put it in a safe place to access when needed.

    5)Save settings and close your browser.

    For more info about WEP and WPA Wireless Security visit link below.
  4. sleepie said:
    i changed my password on router and can not open netgear

    there are a couple things you can try first

    a lot of router loose settings when they loose power so try unplugging it from wall then turning it back on

    then look for the reset butten somewhere on the router

    it will most likely be one where you need to use a pin to activate it
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