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I have a sony DRU-510A burner.
Is the burning software that came with it any good?
It came with Veritas' "RecordNow DX" and a limited version of Sonic "my DVD".

I am trying to make a copy of a dvd with transferred home movies on it. So there is no crazy copy protection foiling me. So far I have two coasters. In fact when I put the blank in (Memorex DVD-R) it writes for about two seconds and then errors out and I have a shiny brand new coaster.

So, is it the software? Is it me? (It's okay if it is me, just be honest :) )
Otherwise can anyone reccomend some reliable burning software for DVD/CD creation.


Bill D.

Rock me Amadeus,

Bill D.
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  1. First, make sure you have the most current firmware for the 510(1.0d, i believe). I don't know about RecordNOw but I've heard/read some bad experiences w/ My DVD. I've heard Nero 5.5 works - but not the new version 6. Also, there's lots of freeware out there to check out. DVD Decryptor, Copy2DVD... You might check forum on these sites:

  2. Thanks a lot!

    Rock me Amadeus,

    Bill D.
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