Computer Freezes randomly

Ok. I am offically out of ideas, someone help.

For months now, my computer has been freezing up. I have been through the forms, and every suggestion has failed. Here, I'll give you the spec and then tell you what I've done so far.

Motherboad : ASUS Striker II Extreme
CPU : Intel Quad-core Q8400 2.66ghz
HDD : RAID5 three Seagate 2TB green baracudas
SSD: RAID 1 Intel 40 GB (and everything fit as long it's only the OS and it's updates)
Video : 2 SLI NVIDIA 550 Ti.
RAM : 8 GB Gskill 1333 DDR3 Ripjaws
Optical drives : Blu-ray RE / 3 DVD-RW
Sound : Creative Sound Blaster Titanium
Other devices : PCI-e RAID card for extra drives
Power Supply : 1080 Cool Power gamer Series
OS : Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Things I have tried:
Exchanged CPU / Motherboard / vid cards / RAM / HDD's / SSD
SFC /Scannow
Error check with Memtest and it's 86 version
Nvidia support suggested to try a more stable driver (v273) with no luck
Some suggested Norton could be the problem, but right now. I have done a fresh install. Norton is not installed yet and still freezing.
Tried Ccleaner
Tried Winzip Registry Cleaner
Hot fixes tell me I'm not running the correct version of Windows even though I make sure it is for the Win 7 Ultimate 64.

Personal notes : Computer freezes fater when two vid cards are in. Even after the RMA. Mouse works for awhile and since I have two screens, I have been able to drag the mouse to the second screen and back before the computer fully freezes. When playing a game and a character is talking, when system freezes, voices are garbled, but reconizeable and very slow. Event viewer does not have any errors in any of it's logs. Processor light stays on, no blinking when frozen. Temps on everything are below 50. 30 for CPU 35 for NB and SB, 40 for vid cards.

If anyone can help Please, I'm begging you.
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  1. I don't see anything about trying a new power supply.

    Does it only freeze in games?

    For a system like this, after the video cards, the power supply is a very likely cause of lockups.
  2. I just upgraded from a 800 watt to a 1080 watt less than a week ago. The freezes still happen, and just as often. When it comes to freezing to just video games, no. The computer will freeze sometimes right after the desktop is loaded. I had my system pass worded, and if I left it just on the password screen, it would occasionally freeze there too.
  3. May want to simplify the setup and see how that runs. One drive, Windows 7 setup, no overclock, one video card, see how that runs.
  4. Did that too. Even took a spare HDD for the os, put all of the updates onto it, and tried to use the computer like normal. It froze just a few minutes after starting up Skyrim. Tried another game, lasted for an hour before freezing, went back to Skyrim and was able to play that for another few hours before that froze too.

    I've tried the, One stick of RAM, one vid card, a HDD, a ps/2 keyboard, an IDE DVD and no mouse. Still freezes after all the updates. Will sometimes freeze before I get through the first batch of them.
  5. Have you checked the event log? Sounds like a driver could be crashing. Try updating a driver at a time after a clean build and run things for a bit in between. Should crash at some point after you install one thing, that would help you narrow down what causes it.
  6. There is really only three drivers I install. NVIDIA, Creative and the RAID card. I know the RAID card and sound card dosen't crash the system because it freezes w/o them. There have been a few times I haven't even installed them in until I have completely updated Windows. and the system has crashed during then. The only thing I haven't been able to troubleshoot is WIndows itself, but only because Microsoft Support refuses to help. I've tried using third party scanners and diagnostic, but somehow I still think it could be a windows thing. What do you guys think?
  7. Check event log for errors, if a driver or some windows module is crashing, it should record it right before the system locks up.
  8. There are no errors. In any category.
  9. Ok, I may have the answer, but I am not experienced in doing this myself. If anyone out there knows anything about oltages, can you reply. I want to see if I can manually enter the values myself w/o short circuiting the whole thing.
  10. I've had weird random restarts and lockups with a bad CPU before, don't know if you have a spare to test with though. Looks as if you've tested everything else.

    MIght want to try a fresh install of the OS too, but seems hardware related.
  11. scythe944 said:
    I've had weird random restarts and lockups with a bad CPU before, don't know if you have a spare to test with though. Looks as if you've tested everything else.

    MIght want to try a fresh install of the OS too, but seems hardware related.

    I've tried a 1.8 GHz dual-core, RMA'd my quad-core, and in both times, the same thing has happened.
    The only other thing I can think of is the voltage setting on my motherboard, but I am not sure how to do most of that manually. I know how to change the values and manually set them to factory standards, but I've already have done that too and the freezing continues. It's the over and under clocking part of it I'm not sure of and won't try w/o some help from someone with some experience in it.
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