Why wont my satellite receiver work at two different locations

i have dishnetwork. i have a vacation home where i last yr. had dishnetwork. i was told by them that it was legal to use my receiver at both locations minus the local ch. after hooking up @ the vacation home located 2.5 hrs. away the receiver would not work there. dish told me i was breaking contract trying to do that even though they first said it was legal to do so ????? both dishes i have are the same. what can be done to use this receiver at both locations. i do not feel as though i am trying to get over on them. i only use the vac. home 4-5 days a month. i am already paying 80 bucks a month for service. any help is welcome ........thanks
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  1. Sheltob,
    I am trying the same thing. I am using the receiver from the bedroom that works another TV at home. I am hooking this receiver to a 500 dish at vacation home. I can get a signal for 119 but no TV. Have you had any luck?
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