Acer aspire cursor frozen

My cursor froze and then disappeared. I have tried rebooting several times. I did this once a few months ago but came back. Computer is only a few months old and worked perfectly to begin with. I am tech challenged so any answers need to be step by step and simple.
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  1. Is it completely gone from all applications?
    Could be a driver problem with your touchpad, does the cursor reappear with a mouse attached? Easiest would be to restore your software to Factory settings, but would entail losing your data.
    Power computer on. Hold Alt and keep pressing F10 at the Acer logo. You may need a password. If you have used Erecovery before you would have been asked to create a password.
    If your first Erecovery the default password is 000000
    Select Factory
    This can obviously be achieved without the mouse,using the keyboard. If you don't wish to do this, you could try updating the Touchpad driver using only keyboard.
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