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I'm currently using a 4 year old 22" CRT (20" viewable - analog 15 pin) and need to upgrade it, for I will be recieving a new SLI based system sometime in January.

I will be using this monitor primarily for gaming (online gaming like EQ2 and WoW, and HL2, D3, and other FPS's). Besides gaming, the secondary use would be just internet browsing.

I was hoping to find a 20" LCD to rplace my aging CRT. Butlooking around and seeing alot of negative remarks in forums, etc not entirely mind you) I am not sure if an LCD is what I should be buying.

I really want a big screen in the 20" range, as that is what I am used to. If someone can reccomend what they would do in my situation would be eternaly grateful. Thank you!

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  1. Well i have a Viewsonic VP201s you can get either in black or white, and its pretty damn nice for gaming, is 16 ms, and Doom 3 looks pretty good. I heard the Dell FP201 or something like that is also 16 ms and had good feedback. I think their is a Monitor that is 12ms, and is 20 inch( cant remember) i think 16 ms is the highest ti should be, anything lower would be good but not needed. If you have the extra dough, there are some really new nice 23" lcds. One from hp and one from Samsung that are really nice and have 16ms. And i heard that one of the best lcds, for gaming and just about everything else is this one apple that is 23" and i think 16 ms response time. Dont get confused because Apple put some dvi connectors on a newer model, or some dvi convertor or something so it should work with a pc.
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