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hey. if you are a z5500 owner then you should know what i am talking about here, if your not it will be hard to tell unless you seen the control pod from a z500 system.

anyways, i was looking over the wiring of my system and i noticed that the pod connects to the sub via a vga cable. is this right? i guess it does make sense sence the pod is a "monitor." however, when i plug a vga extension cable between sub and pod to test things out, the right side [front and rear] speakers dont work. so my question is, anyone know what kind of wiring that is? i am very curious. thanks!
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  1. I had the z680 before (same pod ) different look
    Anyway I think the ground that is used on monitor cable is not used as a ground cable thats why when you use an extentions you lose your left speaker
    So you think thats wierd I have the klipsch's and they use an s vide cable to connect the pod to the woofer

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  2. lmao @ using svideo cable to connect speakers, anyway, i have the logitech z5500s and they rock, it would be nice to be able to extend the cord as right now I have to place my sub in not the optimal place in my living room to keep it close enough that I can adjust the volume by hand when im sitting at my computer.
    Does anyone know if there is a cord available which allows you to exten the distance between the controller and the sub for the Z5500s without losing speaker sound from any of the satellites or center channel?
  3. who said anything about svideo? a regular straight through monitor cable should do the job, but i think a standard monitor cable doesnt use some pins. the connector only looks like a monitor connector. you could get a couple connectors and use some cat5 cable to make an extension. soon as i get out to frys im going to be doing just that with my speakers.

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  4. i personally dont own a z5500 system, but i have the Logitech X-530s, which have a 9-pin D-sub (DB9) connector that goes from the front right satellite to the subwoofer. i suppose it has a resemblance to a VGA connector, and for all i know they can be the same. but DB9 is an industry standard, so any cable you can buy (probably from Fry's or Radio Shack) with that connector can probably be used to extend the lead from the pod to the subwoofer.
  5. "So you think thats wierd I have the klipsch's and they use an s vide cable to connect the pod to the woofer"
    See the end of dude before me's post re SVideo, anyway, thanks for the advice guys, I am going to see if i can find some cable so i can move my sub to a better position
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