Soltek SL-75MRN-L Memory Question???

I just bought a Soltek SL-75MRN-L mobo yesterday and I cannot find a recommended memory list anywhere on their site or the net. I have looked around and seen several reviews using different types of memory, but none listed a recommended or preferred brand. I myself have always used Crucial/Micron or Kingston so I checked out their respective sites. Kingston doesn't have the mobo on their compatible list, but Crucial offers PC2100/2700/3200 that is guaranteed to work with it.

My questions are this:
1. From my understanding the Mobo uses Dual Channel DDR400 only when a AGP card is being used. I'm going to have to use the IGP for a bit until I can afford a nice AGP card since my current AGP card is dying. Can I use PC3200 in Dual Channel mode and somehow set it up as PC2700 or will I have to buy PC2700 since the dual channel only supports DDR333 without an AGP card?

2. Also, the Crucial PC2700 is CL2.5(6ns) and the PC3200 is CL3(5ns). I am hoping to OC later on, but that is not an absolute. Which would be better to go with?

3. Last question: I can only afford 512mb of Ram right now. Should I go ahead and get 2x256mb (To use Dual Channel) or 1x512mb (..and save for another)?

Thanks a lot to anyone who helps.

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  1. I dont have much of suggestions about which brand to buy. But, lesser the CAS latency, the better. Also, if my assumptions are correct, if the mobo doesnt support dual-channel without AGP card, chances are that any memory you put on the second channel will not be recogonized.

    Keeping your current situation with the vid card in mind, I think you should get one 512meg stick, then once you get the video card, get another identical stick and enable dual-channel.

    The higher the speed, the harder it is on the modules. Since you are thinking of OCing, get a module that has low latencies...
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