Choppy Audio/Video Using GT430 Fullscreen Over HDMI


I've just built a HTPC using some old bits from a gaming PC, but when streaming videos full screen the audio and video are very choppy, with the audio including crackling sounds. For example, if I watch a 1080p video on youtube, it works reasonably well (with the odd pop from the audio) but as the controls overlay (with the play, pause and video slider) slides away the video slows down and there is a lot of crackling from the audio. There is an even worse problem with BBC iPlayer and SkyGo when watching on fullscreen as the entire time the video almost seems slowed down and the audio is very choppy. If however I watch a downloaded video fullscreen, there are absolutely no problems at all.

I have only just build this PC so I believe all drivers are up to date. I'm using Windows 7 and have therefore disabled aero to see if that helps (it helped slightly). The hardware is as follows:

CPU: Core 2 Duo E8400 at 3Ghz
Graphics Card: Nvidia GT 430
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA X48 DS4
RAM: 4GB OCZ ReaperX

For my old gaming PC I used all the same parts apart from using a GTX 460 for the graphics. This was then set up exactly the same way as this new HTPC (into a Samsung TV via HDMI from the graphics card) and yet worked absolutely fine. So the only thing that has changed is the graphics card, but the GT 430 is supposed to be able to easily handle HD video and audio.

Any ideas?

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  1. Any issues with non-internet video? Did you check the network connection?
  2. No issues with non-internet video but the network connection is fine as it is connected straight to the router via ethernet. My main PC is connected to the router via wireless and yet that has no trouble viewing the same content. I'm certain it's not a network issue as selecting HD on BBC iPlayer and watching it non-fullscreen works fine. As soon as it takes up more than about 70% of the screen it starts to show the audio/video problems.
  3. Try an older driver for the video card, you are probably using the newest one. The latest driver from nVidia has issues with online video.
  4. I just tried 296.10 (WHQL Signed) and that didn't help. I then went for the latest beta and that didn't help either. Is it worth me going further back through the drivers? Where did you hear there were issues with online video? Thanks for your help so far though!
  5. I did not only hear it, my computer locked up or corrupted the video when I used the new drivers. I used the 296 drivers and they are OK on my system. This same issue worked for lots of others with web video on the forums.

    Your system should be able to run HD full screen just fine, but since the issue is with only online video, it's not an issue with PC speed. Try a different browser maybe?
  6. I shall try a different browser once I get home tonight but I think I may have done that already. Otherwise I'm going to do a complete re-install of windows and all the drivers again to see if that fixes it.
  7. I ended up reinstalling windows and all the drivers again. It has made it a bit better but still has a problem. The problem only happens with videos that are being streamed from the internet, but I know the broadband speed is fine as all other computers on our home network stream videos well. I am now wondering if it is the actual network chip itself, or the communication between this and the graphics card. As stated before, the graphics card is able to play full HD movies that have been downloaded to the hard drive absolutely fine. The network chip has the latest drivers, but could it be worth downgrading them?
  8. Don't think the network drivers will do anything, but it's only a few minutes to try it so may as well.

    Maybe try a different port and cable on the router.

    A different web browser did the same thing?
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