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Hey Everyone!

Since i've built my computer, the sound coming from my modem does not work. I have a Asus P4P800 Deluxe mobo and have the sound modem cable connection the the modem and modem in port (the port by the CD in and Aux in). Why isn't any sound coming from the speakers? My modem is a lucent win modem and it works fine, just no sound is coming from the it! It's not those that have a built on speaker but uses the soundcard or onboard sound to produce the lovely connecting signal. Is something wrong with my onboard sound? if so, i'll probably buy a soundcard anyways. Help if you can, thanks everyone!
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  1. This connection normally connects to a "TAD" connector on a sound card, which stands for Telephone Audio Device. It's not wired the same as the other devices such as CD, instead it contains a mono audio in and a mono audio out on one 4 pin cable.

    Assuming you have it plugged into a TAD connector on the motherboard, it's probably muted in volume control, and the setting is probably hidden, so that you would have to open up volume control and select properties, then check a box to have TAD connector displayed, then unmute it.

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