How to use unallocated disk space in windows 7

i recently purchase hp pavilion g6.
it contains only 1 system drive c which is 575 gb capacity and other system, hp tool, recovery and all are basi partion
i shrunk C into two now i have 291 c and 283 unallocated but i cant make it or convert it into drive as it only allows dynaic drive which will make system unstable or may be i can't reboot

tell me the solution to use unallocated disk space so that i can use it as a backup



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  1. Did you try formatting the unallocated space and assign it a letter? You should be able to do this in disk management.
  2. try easus partition tool, its free for home use and works well.
  3. you need to create a new partition or extend the old with an app like partition magic.
    creating a new 1 is safer as extending the original partition does have a small risk of corrupting the data already on the drive.
  4. Hidream said:
    You already have four primary partitions, thus you could not create more partition unless you convert one of the primary partition to logical partition, I think you may know this limitation of ms MBR disk. In windows7 when you encounter this problem it will convert to dynamic disk, but I dont recommend as you may know "invalid dynamic disk", or some day you may encounter problem to convert it back to basic disk without data loss.

    Here in your situation I recommend convert "HP tool" partition to logical, but you may concern that “HP tool" could only work under primary status. However this partition is not often used, once you needed you could convert it back to primary. For win7 you could use freeware Partition Assistant home edition. Here is the tutorial convert primary partition to logical without data loss: http://www.***/help/convert-primary-to-logical.html

    Sir I followed what you have said but my concern is how can i set it back to primary partition from logical when i will need it.
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