Trouble installing Win7 64 bit

I just built a computer and in the UEFI setup utility both mouse and keyboard work fine. I booted with Win7 64 bit CD, it loads and I get the choose language screen. Default settings are correct I just need to click "next", but keyboard and mouse aren't working. There isn't a visable mouse pointer on the screen and no keys or key combinations do anything. What am I doing wrong?
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  1. Are they wireless?
  2. I forgot to add that my win7 disk is an upgrade disk.
  3. Not wireless, USB.
  4. If it is an upgrade disk, then you need to have an OS installed to "upgrade". There are ways around this though, google is your friend.
  5. I did google it and according to 3 different sources, I should get a message saying it can't find the previous operating system, not a frozen screen wanting to know what language I want. Could it be anything else?
  6. I guess the next question is where did you get your Windows disk?
  7. just a few questions:

    1. are you using the USB 2.0 slots on the back of the mobo and not usb 3.0?
    2. Does you keyboard work at bios
    2a. if yes on 2, is legacy drivers turned on in the bios.
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