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  1. thanks for the post...why doesn't the webpage load though (i've ALWAYS had this when accessing Here's the message: The operation timed out when attempting to contact

    If you could post (or just tell me how to connect) some of the stats vs. the original raptor that would be helpful (planning on upgrading and want to see if it is worth the money).

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    I got mine to work fine, but be a problem with your copy/pasting. I dont think its the server.

    Also, where would I be able to buy this (or should I ask When) and How much would it probably cost?

    Vapor: Here is the review in extreme unformatted text, i could make it look pretty but thats too much work :) First numbers in each section is the 740, second is the 360

    Low Level Suite 1.0 WD740GD WD360GD
    Analyze Disk Read Service Time 8.3 ms 8.6 ms
    Analyze Disk Write Service Time 0.0 ms 0.0 ms
    WB99 Disk/Read Transfer Rate - Begin 72.2 MB/sec 57.4 MB/sec
    WB99 Disk/Read Transfer Rate - End 54.1 MB/sec 37.5 MB/sec
    Desktop/Workstation Suite 1.0 WD740GD WD360GD
    SR Office DriveMark 2002 575 IO/sec 483 IO/sec
    SR High-End DriveMark 2002 568 IO/sec 467 IO/sec
    SR Bootup DriveMark 2002 552 IO/sec 410 IO/sec
    SR Gaming DriveMark 2002 715 IO/sec 588 IO/sec
    Unreal Tournament v4.36 578 IO/sec 474 IO/sec
    Half-Life: Counterstrike v1.3 633 IO/sec 518 IO/sec
    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction v1.09b 459 IO/sec 379 IO/sec
    The Sims: House Party 719 IO/sec 592 IO/sec
    Black & White v1.1 538 IO/sec 444 IO/sec
    Ziff-Davis WinBench 99 WD740GD WD360GD
    Business Disk WinMark 99 13.0 MB/sec 11.6 MB/sec
    High-End Disk WinMark 99 44.4 MB/sec 41.1 MB/sec
    AVS/Express 3.4 31.7 MB/sec 34.7 MB/sec
    FrontPage 98 186.6 MB/sec 189.1 MB/sec
    MicroStation SE 54.7 MB/sec 48.6 MB/sec
    Photoshop 4.0 20.2 MB/sec 17.6 MB/sec
    Premiere 4.2 42.4 MB/sec 36.8 MB/sec
    Sound Forge 4.0 76.7 MB/sec 77.5 MB/sec
    Visual C++ 5.0 62.1 MB/sec 54.3 MB/sec
    Server Suite 1.0 WD740GD WD360GD
    SR File Server DriveMark 2002 207 IO/sec 192 IO/sec
    1 I/O 126 IO/sec 119 IO/sec
    4 I/O 134 IO/sec 125 IO/sec
    16 I/O 167 IO/sec 151 IO/sec
    64 I/O 188 IO/sec 172 IO/sec
    SR Web Server DriveMark 2002 203 IO/sec 189 IO/sec
    1 I/O 115 IO/sec 109 IO/sec
    4 I/O 127 IO/sec 120 IO/sec
    16 I/O 165 IO/sec 149 IO/sec
    64 I/O 189 IO/sec 173 IO/sec
    Environmental Suite 1.0 WD740GD WD360GD
    Idle Noise 40.7 dB/A@0.7" 43.1 dB/A@0.7"
    Net Temperature 0.0 Celsius 20.6 Celsius
    Ambient Temperature 0.0 Celsius 25.0 Celsius
    Drive Temperature 0.0 Celsius 45.6 Celsius
  3. Thanks Drex....those are some kickass numbers. $293 OEM here: I'm in the market for one too, or at least once the prices drop.

  4. Put two of those guys in RAID 0, the numbers of the new Raptor almost look like the numbers of two old ones in RAID 0.

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  5. That was a bit of an exageration, i just get exited when i see new things

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  6. Will either the 36gb or the 74gb run safely without cooling?

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  7. Actually if you read the 36Gb raptor review done a while ago you will see that heat wise the 10k raptors fall WITHIN the range of 7.2K drives.
    So are NOT as hot as some of the 10k and 15k scsi units.

    Thats one of the many reasons why the raptor is only 1 and now 2 platter designs.

    More platters = more heat, noise & reliablility issues.

    <b>I am not a AMD fanboy.
    I am not a Via fanboy.
    I am not a ATI fanboy.
    I AM a performance fanboy.
    And a low price fanboy. :smile:
    Mr no integrity coward.</b>
  8. Au contrair (sp?), if you look at the benchmarks, it says that the new 74GB runs cooler than the 36GB and all other test drives (probably running cooler than any drive in history), this is done through an amazing new ultra secret technology. Look for it in next generation nuclear fusion reactors as well...

    EDIT: This just in, it also makes the drive immune to EMI, especially those emitted from the sun.

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  9. Just playin'...with the new liquid spindle bearings, do you think it will be hotter or cooler (since I am getting 1 in about 3 weeks for thanksgiving break when I can go home and upgrade and I want to know if I should get a zalman cooler or something that costs less )?

    Damn Rambus.
  10. Alright, I'm getting a Zalman.

    Damn Rambus.
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