strange boot problem

Each time i turn on my pc there`s a strange problem occuring. When i press the on/off button all the fans, including CPU and GPU fans, start spinning like they normally would, but it takes another 2-10 minutes (sometimes more) before the system boots.

I first experienced this after having moved all hardware components into a new case and installed a new "antec truepower 480w" power supply. Btw, the cpu is clocked to 2.3 GHz, but I don`t think this is the source of my problem because the cpu has been clocked at those speeds since before i made the switch to a new case.

Hardware specs are:
MSI 845E max2 533 mhz mainboard
2x crucial pc2100 ddr 512MB
ATI radeon 9800 pro
p4 2GHz northwood
Western Digital 80GB 7100
Audigy 2 platinum exp.
I have also installed a new CPU-cooler...can`t remember the name

While I`m at it i might as well mention another annoying problem. When the system finally decides to boot, it apparently cannot detect my HD, but still it somehow does. I know it sounds confusing, but let me explain. On the startup screen where it detecs master and slave HD`s, and master and slave cd/dvd-roms, the HD is detected and everything seems ok. That is until the next screen appears. Here there`s some kind of detecting utility,called MBfastTrak, which despite what the last screen confirmed, cannot detect the HD. A command line saying "scanning IDE-drives......." appears, but the HD is not to be found. The next line which appears says "array not defined", and it gives me the choice of entering a utility called FastBuild, or continue booting.
However, this FastBuild utility doesn`t help much. Also this one cannot detect any IDE-drives.
But if I choose to continue booting, the windows xp startup screen appears and everything works fine.

I would appreciate any advise on either of these problems.
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  1. dont know about the first problem, except try clocking the chip back to normal. the second is not a problem at all. its trying to detect drives on the raid controler. if you dont have any drives attatched to it, it wont detect them will it? cs game server -
  2. Did you try clearing the CMOS?

    <b><font color=purple>Listing your system specs, will greatly aid us, in being able to help you solve your problem.</font color=purple></b>
  3. about the HD detection "problem". the reason i was wondering about this is because the MBfastTrak utility never appeared before i moved all components into the new case. And since my setup is exactly the same now, there must be something causing it to start searching for raid-drives, if this is what it`s meant to do. (and no, i don`t have any raid-drives installed)

    about the first problem. i haven`t tried clearing the cmos yet, but i`ll try it as soon as i get enough time. this is a very busy weekend...
  4. I have same board and just flashed the latest bios 1 week ago, now mine repeatedly tries to detect everything except the raid drives. I do have the raid chips, try disabling the raid way back in bios under PNP? settings, it has the raid plug, and raid ROM. If those are enabled even without the chip, that would explain the problem.
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